Oracle Box
Oracle Box

Oracle Box

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We have the pleasure of offering these high vibing, positive flowing Oracle boxes.

Created and illustrated by the high vibing Maori Wahine Taryn Beri, Creator of the Kuini Klub assisting Kuini all accross the globe in accessing their better selves.

We have collaborated to create this box for fellow HIGH VIBING WAHINE to create the mood and assist in their goal setting and manifestation journeys.

It's time to regenerate and follow those goals again. This Oracle box is all about getting on track and trusting your intuition. Gaining confidence and enjoying your TRUE SELF. 

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This is what you get

Full set of 12 x Oracle Affirmation Cards, with artworks by Taryn Beri. This is Taryns latest release in cards, a great way to have her works on hand. Enjoy the beautiful art and be guided by the positive affirmations to help connect to your true path journey.

RRP $44 

1 x Tane Mahuta tea an Organic blend of black tea and orange spice. Created to ground and guide while bringing a balance and connection with nature.

RRP $18

1 x Rose Grey an Organic blend of Earl Grey and Roses to help release you into a state of calm, soothe your anxieties and release your inhibitions.

RRP $18

1 x Pyrite Crystal - Divine connection to mother nature, stone of prosperity and wealth meditate and manifest all that you desire. RRP $3 *

1 x Lucky Dip Crystal Value up to $5

1 x Golden Tea strainer RRP $3.50

Please note crytals may vary due to availability 

 Secure your box today to enjoy the divine elevation of self. Use these tools to assist on your growth journey.