Nilgiri OP Black Loose Leaf Tea 100g

Nilgiri OP Black Loose Leaf Tea 100g

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Nilgiri Loose Leaf from the Chamraj Estate, South India and high grown. A single Origin Loose Leaf which shows the true character of this leaf without blending it with another leaf.

You can expect an amazing cup of tea with rich sweet aromas and the delicate flavours of a high grown Organic Nilgiri. In the tea industry receiving an Organic tea is a prize in itself knowing the depths of care that come into nuturing these plants produce our leaf year after year.

This Single Origin is also very versatile and can be a base for cold brew tea or even tea frappes.

See our recipes for cold brewing instructions. 

For Hot Cups 

1 tsp / cup and an extra if you are brewing by the pot.

3 -5 minute infusion

100 °C water 

Suitable for milk, sugar and honey additions