Our Story

Moose Teas was born out of a love and passion for loose leaf tea and herbals. It was a vision to bring the leaf into the modern world. To build awareness and appreciation. To give everyone a chance to enjoy from at home consumers to cafes. 
I want to provide all with the opportunities to experience the wonderous world of tea and perhaps build a new found love.
Moose Teas is operated by myself Tania Nepe who is a passionate barista and tea lover based in Brisbane. I personally handle all the sourcing and blending to ensure that we are sourcing ethically and of quality within a budget that suits all. 
We want to help you discover leaf tea and encourage new brewing techniques while keeping a positive outlook on tea that suits our new evolving generations.
Come down to Westend and enjoy a cup or three at this new Brisbane Tea Shop 
Moose Teas also crafts a range of herbal teas and blends that are available online and in our Brisbane Tea Store with some premium and exclusive loose leaf tea and blends only available to our subscription club.
We want to respect the origins and histories of tea by providing back stories and encouraging involvement and learning. If you have a love for Quality Loose Leaf Tea, Creative Tisanes and Blends you've come to the right place.
Why Moose Tea? Moose Tea is the product of an idea to bring forward a product that doesn't always fit inside what most people are use to, It's about encouraging strength and connection on our journey with the leaf
'Though worlds apart tea keeps us connected'  
  Moose Tea Squad
Email: mooseteas@outlook.com