Cold Brewing

Cold Brewing is so the in thing right now. It is like the saviour to the Qld summer too, another modern brewing technique to take your tea game to the next level. 

Yes we know we have heard it before tea is meant to be drunk hot and that certain tea should be prepared in certain ways, but have you ever tried to bend the rules and found something incredible.

I mean the way you can brew a hot Fujisako Estate Green that brews savoury thick tea to the comparison of a cold brewed Fujisako Green which brings a refreshing fruity lychee flavour.... Amazing I know so read on for our Cold Brew techniques. 

Moose Teas Top cold brewing tips

Cold Brewing is simple and easy our customers, clients and guests love it.

Firstly we reccomend using some quality spring water it comes across a lot softer and really holds the tea flavour a lot more - we can get into these technicalities another day. 

Always use room temp water or cold water nothing too warm as you are infusing your leaves for a long period of time you want to keep them as crisp as possible without changing their structure too quickly, doing so will result in bitter brewing - it's like waking up in the morning, a cold brew is a sweet slow transition compared to a harsh rush out of bed !?

Follow the infusion instructions for water and leaf quantity and add just a spoon extra for bright flavour.

Last but not least ditch the sugar enjoy the blends or the leafs as they are you will be treated to an array of flavours and hopefully a new found brewing technique. 

Have fun with it the options are endless maybe try a cocktail base. How easy does that sound? Give it a go today and tag us on Insta :) 

 Moose Tea Squad xx 


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