Bowl Tea Ceremony

January 20, 2018
How have I been hidden from the incredible journey of tea and meditation?
Although fairly new to this area I must share this new found passion of mine for bowl tea ceremonies.
Three deep breaths, silence and mindfulness of your tea is all you need to drop into that meditative state.
Any one who has had the pleasure of enjoying a bowl tea ceremony will have had their own experiences.
In their own meditative state.
In their own silence.
As soon as you drop those three deep breathes 1,2,3, relax your body and clear your mind.
A rush of heat encompasses you and you wait enjoying and appreciating the moment you are in, then and there.
From the first engagement and slurps of the tea, to the aroma of the leaf in an empty bowl.
You are overwhelmed with gratitude for the tea, for the moment or for whatever reasons of gratitude you may have.
With the next bowls you release into a more relaxed state of mind unknown to what lays ahead but again appreciating the experience at hand.
Then comes the closing and feeling as you have just woken.
The energy in the room much lighter than before.
I am glad to have finally found the bowl tea ceremony a new passion in the world of tea. It was a sweet experience for us with the lovely Bo Wong and I must say I am excited to connect with her in future as I take this journey of meditation and tea.

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